Our mission is to deliver amazing data and insights to help you become the best real estate professional you can be.  Let us be your secret weapon.

About RentHub

Let's face it...understanding rent prices and other key data points that move rental housing markets is a difficult task. There are reasons for this.  There is no central repository to track the leasing transactions that comprise the industry, ownership is fragmented, and none of the software systems really talk to each other. To make matters worse, rents are constantly changing as landlords (and software systems) are adjusting to the chaotic ebbs and flows of growing rental markets.  This means that what used to be a routine exercise that took no time at all now requires extensive surveying across multiple channels.  

Needless to say, understanding a market can takes hours to manually compile the necessary data to guide a decision.  Even then, it's nearly impossible to obtain the entire picture. As industry insiders ourselves, we're far too familiar with the problem and have devoted extensive resources to staying on top of markets.

Our Mission

We're a team of data scientists, software engineers, and real estate experts that have built technology to help stakeholders to the rental housing industry quickly understand rent prices, key analytics, and other data points necessary to make the best decisions possible.  

Our goal is to move the industry towards a more transparent, trusting, and innovative place.  We're just getting started.


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We're driven to help transform an industry that once reveled in inside information into one that's more open.


We'll continue to leverage cutting edge techniques in technology and analytics to unearth novel insights.


We aspire to deliver reliable information in a consistent manner that drives the transactions that move the industry.


We strive to work by these values which drive us forward in achieving our goals and vision.

The RentHub Team

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John is a former attorney turned real estate investor turned startup founder leading our charge to drag the antiquated world of real estate into the future.

His pedigree—degrees from Duke, Stanford (Law) & Columbia (MS Real Estate Development)—is outmatched only by his desire to bring data analytics to the forefront of the rental housing industry.


A veteran software engineer, Greg cut his teeth developing demand forecasting tools for the consumer packaged goods industry after studying Philosophy, Information Science & Cognitive Studies at Cornell University.

Excited by the opportunity to build a best-in-class analytics platform from the ground up, he joined the team as a co-founder at RentHub's inception.


John has closed on a total of more than $1.1 billion in transactions as either a broker or principal, and in 2009 he was named “Top 40 Under 40” by In Business Las Vegas.

Not content to rest on those laurels, John chose to join RentHub in order to revolutionize the rental housing industry instead of merely participating in it.